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Tree Pruning Affordable-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

Tree pruning and tree trimming often go hand in hand. Many people usually confuse them, and the two words have been used interchangeably in common conversations. While trimming mainly involves the cutting of crowns or overgrown shoots to maintain the shape, pruning, on the other hand, involves cutting down the whole branch. The lower branches, branches that crisscross, and dead branches are cut. Pruning also requires professionalism just like trimming.

Importance of tree pruning

Tree pruning benefits both you and the tree itself. What do you stand to gain when you prune your trees?

  1. Tree pruning lowers the overall tree maintenance cost

Excess branches harbor pests. Dead branches are ideal habitats for pests. These pests require pesticides to eliminate, which comes at a cost. Pests can also cause diseases that will require the attention of a tree doctor. This is also another added cost that could have been prevented if the dead branches are removed on time.

  1. Safety reasons

During pruning, dead branches and those that are identified as potentially weak are cut. When left uncut, these can snap and cause injuries and damage to the properties below. Can you imagine a situation you will be in when your tree causes damage to the neighbor’s property? You can avoid all these by simply pruning the trees regularly.

To the trees themselves, pruning encourages uniform growth. When you properly prune the trees, then there will be light penetration to every tree. Pruning is a way of controlling the foliage cover. Some tree species are known to have huge branches. If not controlled, they will block others underneath.

Why do you need our experts?

Pruning is not that simple that everyone can accomplish. You need some experience to successfully prune your trees. Without skills, you can end up causing serious injuries to the trees leading to their early death.

Again, have you thought about the utility lines? What will happen if a tree branch you just cut falls on them? We are sure that you are not ready to pick quarrels with your local authorities. It is also very risky to prune trees that are near the overhead electric lines. For safety reasons, just call us, and we will have the job done.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is a fully certified company that has been in operation for years. We have the tools and gear needed to prune trees of all species and of any height. We know some trees can grow very tall, but that is nothing to us. Whether it touches the cloud, we will reach it and perform our duty as expected.

You might be having the right tools. But what happens if you are afraid of heights? What happens if you fall from such a great height? You will be dead even before you reach the ground. If you survive, then definitely you will not walk on two legs ever after. Your life is precious, and we help protect that. Do not try it when you can’t do it. Just give us a call.

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