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Stump Removal-Services-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

Stump removal? You that was as easy as it sounds. Wrong! It is not just taking an ax and heading to the stump. You can work your whole day sweating in the scorching sun. You will be probably exhausted before noon even before covering half the journey. You still have hope that after eating a heavy meal and other energy supplements, you are now armed to uproot the stump. Once again you are wrong. The sun is disappearing on the horizon, and there you are still trying to move a mountain. Finally, it gets dark, and you can’t proceed. You go to bed thinking that you will make it out of the bed feeling fresh to resume only to remain in bed till the sun rises up in the sky. It is not because you enjoy sleeping, but because the muscles cannot allow you. Pain is all over your body. At this time, you have no hope. You can only reach out to your phone to call for help.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team are ready to save you from all these body pains and time wastages. Stump removal services not only require energy and skills but also the right tool. Some trees hold firmly to the ground and removing the stump becomes the most challenging task. It is something that we would not advise you to attempt yourself. You are guaranteed to fail terribly if you are lucky to get out of it without personal injuries.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is a dynamic company devoted to serving the people of Florida. We move from home to home offering quality tree services. Our upgraded tools are reliable and can allow us to clear your ground and remove all stumps. When we find out that stump grinding is better than actual stump removal, then we discuss it with you. It is normally done where stump removal is likely to result in other structural damages.

Why would you remove tree stumps?

  • If you allow the roots to take control, then you will have to fight their effects on the sidewalk or pavements. This normally happens when the trees are too close to the sidewalks or foundation.
  • Tree roots begin to rot immediately after the trunk is cut. This can make them ideal homes for termites, bees, wasps, and other potentially dangerous insects and animals.
  • A tree might have been cut due to disease infection. This disease can be left in the roots and will spread to the rest of the trees in the garden if not removed.
  • Trees are planted for beauty. Once a tree is cut, an ugly stump is left. This is not so good for your landscaping goals.
  • A protruding stump is like a trap. You easily slip over it and fall resulting in severe injuries
  • When a stump is blocking a site for new construction, it will have to be removed to give way. This particularly requires complete stump removal.

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