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You don’t just wake up and decide that you want to plant trees and shrubs on your lawn, do you? We want to believe that it is a plan that you have planned and has enough information about what you want to do. Before you even look for a tree planting service, you should be well aware that trees need proper care and maintenance and have an already devised plan to do it. It will be of no use for you to plant trees that you will abandon and finally clear just because of how unsightly they will be.

Trees should be planted by experts who know all the techniques for planting every tree species. We know that every tree has the recommended planting level depending on the root balls. It is not just a matter of placing the seedlings in the planting holes. Much care should be taken when planting new trees to get the best out of their aesthetic value. You will need a lawn designer to help you. Don’t think that you can simply dig the planting holes randomly on your lawn and plant the trees. Yes, it is possible. But it won’t be appealing to the eye.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team offer professional tree planting services. We have experienced arborists who can help you through the planting process. Each of the planting processes requires professional skills to complete, something that you may not be aware of.

Tree planting process

Site inspection

Different tree species do well under different environmental conditions. The soil structure also determines the kind of trees to be planted in an area. The soil moisture content and drainage properties are all essential in selecting a tree species for your lawn. We have experts who will do all these tests for you and recommend the trees that will perform well in your area without much attention.

Location selection

From the sample soil tested in the above process, we will assume that the entire area has the same soil properties. So, what next will be to determine the exact place to dig the planting holes? There should be enough space for the tree species selected to grow and form that canopy you desire.

Digging the planting holes

The size of the planting holes and the distance between them also depend on the tree species selected in the first step. The roots need ample space to develop, and the shoot also needs extra space to form a beautiful crown worth admiring.

Set the plant into the hole

This is basically the last step. For potted plants, just shave all around the root ball to give them space to grow when planted. Once the tree is in the hole, you can add fertilizer if necessary, before filling it back with soil.

We have arborists who will help you through all the above steps. You no longer have to worry about doing soil testing or choosing the right tree species. Just give us a call, and you will receive our service at an affordable rate.

You can visit our website and have a view of our customer’s reviews. We only deliver what we promise. The best thing is that we offer all our services at the most affordable rates. We are the pros in the sector with a passion for trees. Call us today when you need any of the following tree services.

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