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Stump Grinding Pros-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

We hope we can unanimously agree that the sight of tree stumps on your property, whether residential or commercial, is unpleasing. There are instances when you cannot avoid having a tree stump in your yard. After cutting down that tree for a reason best known to you, you will have that unsightly stump that you cannot get rid of. Worry no more. Our tree grinding services are meant to restore your yard to its beautiful state before the stump.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team offer reliable stump grinding that can remove any unsightly tree stumps from your property. We know that the stumps can also be unnecessarily dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible. That is exactly what we love to do.

Stump grinding can be part of our tree removal services. If you want to cut down a tree for whatever reason, then you can use our services. The benefit will be that we will grind the stump for you at a much lower rate. This is more cost-effective than hiring two different companies for the two tasks that we can handle all at once.

Stump grinding is the best method you can use to get rid of unsightly or dangerous tree stumps if you don’t want to use the site for construction or farming. It causes less disturbance to the ground. This means that once the stump is ground, you can easily cover it with soil and plant grass or shallow-rooted shrubs on top to reclaim your lawn.

What you should not do is plant another tree near or just on top as the portion left underground will impair the root development of the new tree and consequently lead to its death. If you want to plant a new tree right on the spot where the stump is to be removed, then use our stump removal services instead of a grinding service.

Why would prefer stump grinding to stump removal?

Stump grinding is most preferred in areas where the least disturbance to the ground is the case. That is to say, breaking the ground can lead to other unnecessary damages. If a stump is in the midst of other precious trees that should not be disturbed in any way, then you will just do stump grinding to avoid disturbing the roots of those trees. Also, if the stump is too close to your house, removing it can possibly cause wall damage that is uncalled for. You can avoid all these problems by using our stump grinding services.

We pride ourselves as the best in the industry offering this service. Thanks to our machines that can consume any tree stump in just minutes. We also have experienced machine operators who can take the machine to any location and perform the task as expected with little or no damage.

If you have never used any of our services before, then this is the opportunity to do so. For our usual clients, we know that you won’t hesitate to hire us for any tree services for you already know the quality of services that we offer.

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