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Palm Tree Removal-Experts-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

A palm tree is like a lifetime tree investment for your property. Once planted, it can live for decades and still maintain beauty and shape. With proper maintenance, you will not worry about ever planting new ones. However, things do change. You may be not interested in removing it now, but sometime in the future, it will have to be removed. The tree might have been planted by your father or grandfather, that is many years ago. Now here you are with new plans, and the tree is blocking your way. You will have to remove it.

How safe it is to remove a palm tree?

Palm tree removal is not safe at all and has never been safe. Many people may think that you just approach it with an ax, and gravity does the rest. It is true, and we don’t dispute it. But have you thought of the risks? You must be out of your mind to even think that palm tree removal is a DIY task. Don’t even imagine it.

In many cities, you will require a permit to cut down a palm tree. A qualified arborist should be contacted to conduct a thorough assessment of the risks involved and the level of damages that might result from it. Sometimes a permit can be denied if the risks are way much heavier than the reasons you have provided for cutting it down. That is why you will need a professional before you even make your final decision on whether the palm tree can be cut or not.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team have arborists who are ready for you. We will come to assess the tree as required by the law. Once done, we will agree on the service fee and bring it down. For a licensed company like ours, the chances that we will be granted the permit to remove the palm trees are always high. We can be sure that the tree will be removed from your premises.

Palm tree removal technique

To safely remove a palm tree, an arborist has to have great roping skills. He must tactically use the ropes and the tree-climbing spikes. Our workers have the right tools that will make them get to the top of the palm tree while cutting down any fronds on the way using handsaws. Once at the top, we will chop the tree into small pieces beginning from the top using chainsaws. The bits are guided to the ground where the ground crew will carry them away. A high level of organization is indeed key for successful palm tree removal.

Do not forget that we can help you with other services not necessarily when you want your palm tree removed. When you still love your tree, then you can hire us for maintenance. We also do palm tree trimming and cleaning. Trimming removes the excess fronds while cleaning removes the spiky barks. You will, in turn, get a tree in shape and with smooth bark.

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