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Arborist Consultations-Services-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

Arborist consultations service is similar to medical doctor consultations, the only difference is that an arborist is to plants as a medical doctor is to human beings. As you constantly and regularly consult your doctor, the same should apply to arborists if you have landscaped trees or just trees in your backyard. It is the same thing, and trees even deserve it more.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team offer arborist consultation services. These services are meant to promote the good health of your trees. For instance, you not only consult an arborist when your trees are visibly unhealthy. You do not consult only for health reasons, but for virtually all the maintenance practices that you carry out on your lawn. We offer free consultation services and charge a reasonable fee for other services that you may require after consultations.

Our consultation services are very simple and straight to the point. We will not interrogate you for any information that is not important to handle the matters at hand. You can make a call and arrange for a special date to visit. You can either come to our offices or allow us to visit your home. We prefer the latter as this will give us the opportunity to discuss what we see.

When do you need our arborist consultation services?

As we have already mentioned, you will need us for everything you do in your garden. Here, we will only highlight instances that strongly require consultations.

General site inspection – This is done by an arborist to provide relevant recommendations based on the prevailing circumstances. The existing trees will be inspected. The environment and weather conditions will also be examined. This is necessary when you want to set up a new lawn or when you want to repurpose the land.

Putting up tree protection fences – Different municipalities have different rules governing the building of tree protection fences. This is not something to worry about as we have all the information you need. Just give us a call.

Tree health examination – Your trees might exhibit strange growth characteristics. This is a clear indication that you need to consult an expert to examine the condition and recommend an appropriate course of action

Root pruning – Trees rely solely on their roots both for anchorage and nutrient absorption. Whenever you think of pruning the roots or planning to break the ground near the roots, you should consult an arborist. Any slight mistake while pruning or excavating, your tree dies. Call our arborists if you have a chance to do so to help save your trees.

These are just to list a few cases when it will be absolutely necessary to consult us. Before I forget, there is also one reason left that is worth mentioning. If you want to cut down a tree, regardless of whether you are the rightful owner or not, you will also need to consult us. This is because trees are protected by laws depending on where you are and the tree trunk size. You will need this information to stay on the right side of the law. Sometimes, you will need to have a permit before you cut your trees.

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