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Deep Root Injection-Services-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

Your landscaped trees and shrubs are just like any other investment that you have at home. They are planted to add beauty and value to the property. However, many trees fail to fulfill this purpose as the seasons come and go. Instead of continuously flourishing, they begin to decline. The tree becomes yellowish and the plant exhibits generally retarded growth. You may even think that your trees are infected, but the truth of the matter is that they are malnourished. Some soil types do not have enough nutrients to support the plant for many seasons. This is when you need a deep root injection.

Deep root injection, or artificial fertilization, is the process of applying liquid fertilizers directly to the roots of the tree. Why would you need quality deep root injection services from an accredited company like Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team? The reasons are very overwhelming and will be revealed shortly.

Deep root fertilization assists in supplementing soil nutrients. Its major advantage is that it is supplied directly to the root system. The liquid mixture that is injected into the soil has the right nutrient proportions needed by trees for healthy growth.

Proper feeding of the trees comes with tons of benefits. Apart from just promoting foliage growth, flowering, and fruiting, it also improves the trees’ ability to resist disease attacks. Just like the human body that fights infections with proper nutrients, trees also need this proper feeding to build their immune system.

As we hinted before, deep root injection supplements the plant’s nutrients. The liquid fertilizer is mixed in the right proportions that are supplied to the roots. This promotes the growth and regeneration of the roots. The extra nutrients are used by the plant to achieve a lush crown that is lovely to the eyes. During the process of deep root injection, air packets are introduced into the soil. This improved soil aeration is very beneficial to the roots as they also need to breathe.

Our tree experts know how they will help you carry out this exercise. Already you know that deep root fertilization improves the plant’s ability to resist disease attacks. From this perspective, it is clear that this exercise is done to save your trees from future turbulences. Our arborists will carry out a test on your soil to know which nutrients are lacking and need to be supplied.

With an appropriate supply of plant trees, any nutrient deficiencies will be solved and your trees will immediately spring to life once again. However, it is a process that can be done at specific times in the trees’ growth cycle for maximum results. If you blindly supply nutrients to the trees, then you are risking their lives. Trees can easily die and disappoint you.

Our company has professionals who know how and when to effectively administer such treatments to your trees. Don’t just pick anybody to do it for you. Our experts are particularly here to help you out.

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