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Tree doctor is not just a name tag that people impose on themselves. To be a tree doctor or an arborist, you must first go through formal education and training that will give the knowledge of plant biology. You must also demonstrate that you have this knowledge and can practice arborist. You need to be certified by relevant bodies; ISA is in charge of this for the US-based arborists.

What do tree doctors do?

Tree doctors deal with the general health of plants, both naturally existing plants and planted plants. The forestry department needs arborists to constantly monitor the trees in the forest. The same applies to homeowners. As a homeowner, you need an arborist to take care of your home garden. For your planted trees to remain in a good state of health, you will need an arborist to regularly assess them and take timely actions.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team have qualified tree doctors who can help during your time of need. We have been helping different homeowners in maintaining their lawns in many different ways. Do you have trees that need doctoring? We are the doctors to always think of.

Why a tree doctor?

You need a tree doctor for various reasons. You might think that tree doctoring is such a simple task that you will not need a professional. Take that out of your mind. If you are not an arborist yourself, then don’t even imagine taking care of your trees on your own. We have seen dead trees in the wilderness for those of us who like adventure. It happens every now and then, but you can’t notice because natural forests are dense. It will be more devastating when it happens to a single tree in your yard. We know every tree in the yard is planted for a reason and its death leaves a gap that may never get filled. Why do you need a tree doctor? Here is your answer.

Proper tree diagnosis

Only a qualified tree doctor can detect a problem that your trees have way long before they become real problems. Do you know what I mean? When a problem gets to an advanced level, then recovery can be an impossible dream to actualize. A small problem, discovered at its early stages, can easily be dealt with by administering the proper medication as our tree doctors would advise.

A better understanding of the tree requirements

Sometimes your trees do poorly not because of diseases, but other reasons that you don’t understand. As a homeowner, it is not your role to even try to understand why your trees do not respond normally. Leave this to our experts with a deep understanding of the tree life cycle. Your trees may be overcrowded and need thinning or are just lacking nutrients, or maybe it is for another reason. We will get the exact reason and deal with the problem as appropriate.

Best tree care practices

Arborists understand the industry standards and will implement the best tree care practices for your trees. Your knowledge cannot beat theirs. Let our arborists be in charge of your lawn.

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