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Tree Assessments-Near Me-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

The value of land is really skyrocketing especially in urban areas. People want to utilize every space available, and they do this by building skyscrapers. It is rare to find a piece for planting trees. However, those who leave away from the CBD still find it possible to plant trees around their homes for very apparent reasons. Trees are sources of beauty, provide shade on a hot sunny day, and also purify the air. Another group of people also do not want trees as it is not possible to control their growth, they are obstructive and may hinder the construction of other structures within the compound.

Trees planted near the houses require proper maintenance and continuous risk assessment to identify any potential risks. Tree risk assessments are done by qualified arborists as a preventive measure against the dangers of trees falling and causing damage to properties. We have qualified tree risk assessors whom you can hire. When you hire us, we will follow all the procedures professionally to ensure that you and your property are safe.

The arborists at Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team are certified. We basically carry out tree assessments near me on three different levels. The first one is referred to as visual inspection or limited visual assessment. This entails the examination of an individual tree to identify any readily visible defects. It does not include any analysis or specialized examinations.

Level two assessment doing a detailed inspection of a tree and at the same time studying its surroundings. The foliage, buds, and branches are examined for any color changes, density, limb diebacks, annual shooting, and disease. The tree trunk is also assessed for any evidence of decay or the possibility of structural failure. This is a task that requires the assistance of an arborist.

The last level of assessment is the advanced phase where an assessment is done to dig as much information as possible. The trees are examined and specific parts are tested for any defects and the risks they pose to the homeowner. An arborist comes with specialized tools that aid in data collection and analysis. This exercise is time-consuming and more resource-demanding, but our arborists are up to the task.

Tree risk assessment should be done in a 5-year cycle, or you can do it after an adverse weather conditions such as storms and heavy rains. A tree owner has to contact our experts. We are ready and will respond to your calls immediately.

How do our arborists carry out our tree risk assessments?

It is a long process, some of which have been highlighted in the foregoing section. Our tree doctors normally start by studying or inquiring about the tree’s history. We will need to know if the tree has hardly any instances of branch failure or an attack by pests and disease. The next step is to study the foliage to identify the tree’s vigor. The tree species’ profile is also an important aspect of this assessment. From all these, we will identify the likelihood of failure, its consequences, and how to get over it. We have professionals with experience in doing all these.

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