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Tree Assessments-Services-Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team

A tree risk assessment or simply tree assessment service is done to determine whether or not they require special attention. It is different from tree healthcare or tree doctoring in that while the two methods mainly focus on tree health, tree assessment focuses on its structures. It is done to help determine the potential dangers that the trees might be posing to your family and property. For this exercise, you will need a professional to carry it out for you. Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is one such company that you can turn to for this particular service

Why our tree assessment services?

Many companies offer tree assessment services but ours is one of a kind. We are experts who will assess your trees and give a detailed report. We don’t mean that other companies are not doing the same thing. After all, we all use the title tree assessment but it is the quality of the service that differs. Now we know you are asking why our services are so much different. Here is your answer.

Individual or bulk tree assessment

We will come with our arborists to the site to visually assess your trees. During the assessment, we will ensure that all the trees that pose threats to you and your property are singled out. We can do this to a single tree or to all the trees in your garden. Our arborist will do a professional job and accurately report our findings with recommendations that can quickly become part of your tree management plan.

Heritage-listed tree assessments

You may have some trees in your garden with great heritage value. Our arborists are able to look into that and identify any trees that require specialized treatment during the drafting of routine management plans.

Quality reports were given by our level 5 arborists

Our arborists are all qualified and experienced. You should be aware that when you hire us to do tree assessment in your garden, then you are just one out of hundreds of other people who have benefited from us. We will give an accurate report that is drafted to follow the minimum requirements according to the industry standards.

ISA certified assessors

Our tree risk assessors are all ISA certified. This proves our skills beyond a reasonable doubt. Apart from these formalities, our arborists have been strongly dedicated to their work. We understand the part that we have to play to continuously build a strong portfolio for our company.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team are committed to trying as much as possible to prevent any tree-related disasters. We wouldn’t be happy if you incur losses due to an accidental tree fall. And what if the tree causes injury or death to any of your family members? Would you bring back the lost life? It is just impossible. We are all in agreement that prevention is better than cure. Here we come with the prevention measures. Don’t wait until it is too late to cure.

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