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No one can dispute the fact that trees add value to the property. Apart from that, trees come with many other benefits that you can’t mention in a short article like this one. However, nothing good comes very easily. Tree planting is a process that should be taken with great care. You really need to be good at appropriately planting trees that will be so appealing to the eye. We count you as a lucky person if you are here as we will do all this for you. We will strategically place trees around your home to add immeasurable beauty.

Wellington Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team company has a big reputation as one of the most successful companies in offering tree services. We have planted many trees in different parts of Wellington, and all of them have stood the test of seasons. They have flourished from season to season. With our many years of experience in the tree planting experts industry, we are confident that we can successfully do yours as well.

We have done many tree-planting jobs across Wellington. We have a deep understanding of different regions and know how to handle every land terrain. Do not think that trees cannot grow where you are before the tests prove otherwise. We have arborists who will conduct several tests on the type of soil around your property to determine the right tree species that can thrive here. And even if the soil cannot fully support the growth of any tree, we can still help you through deep root injection. We will be ready to identify what is best for you. All you need to do is t trust the process.

Which tree-planting company are you hiring for the exercise? Choose a company based on quality and expertise. This is necessary as no one likes shoddy work. The trees need to be planted in such a way that they have the best chance to thrive. This is only done by the experts, and we are the experts to trust. We are ready to do business with you.

About our services

We offer both residential and commercial tree planting. We will deliver the most appropriate service to meet your expectations. Our projects are managed by qualified contract managers. They consider every possible factor needed for the success of the project. Whether it is tree selection, size, and general crown size, we consider it all.

We also offer the necessary advice that will ensure that the end result is desirable. Our service you can trust us as the entire process is needed for a better finish. We will only work in the area we are permitted to and try as much as possible not to cause damage to other trees that may have been existing.

Our arborists understand that your lawn needs quality trees and that is what we will source when you hire us. We offer reliable tree planting services, plus many other services that might interest you. 

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