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Are you looking for one of the best places to live in the United States? A national-wide study ranked Wellington as one of the best destinations to retire. When you visit this region, you will discover that it is a true reflection of the findings. The best residential place in Palm Beach is Loxahatchee.

Beautiful sceneries will welcome you to Loxahatchee, Florida. One thing that stands out in Loxahatchee is the quality of trees that are in this region. It is like everyone in this city is environmentally conscious.

The report about Loxahatchee was done by Money magazine, which is a publication of Time. The study evaluated several categories, such as the best city for outdoor enthusiasts and the best one for belt tighteners. The fact that Loxahatchee comes out as the best city to retire means that it offers the best quality of life.

The primary contributor to this is the availability of trees in the region. Trees increase the moisture level in the environment hence cleaning the air and improving the quality of life. The shed from trees also keeps the environment clean. You can contribute to this initiative by planting several trees in your property and taking good care of them. Wellington’s Best Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services is the leading brand when it comes to tree solutions in the region.

The other category that Loxahatchee shines in the best golfers. Golf is also an environmentally friendly game. People play golf in places that are cool because of the conducive atmosphere. Nothing can contribute to this better than trees. The implication is that people who reside in Loxahatchee appreciate the beauty of nature.

40% of this population is over 50 years of age. It also has an average home price of $310,000 hence attracting several people who wish to own property. It has close to 220 golf courses within thirty miles, thus attaining the award. These statistics tell you that it is one of the most beautiful places in Palm Beach.

Loxahatchee has 2344 days of proximity to the county clubs and plethora of golf courses in Palm Beach County that are marked with clear skies. We can confidently refer to Loxahatchee as a paradise for golfers. You can choose from the long list of 220 golf courses. One of the best examples is the award-winning national Golf Club that was designed by Johnny Miller; the Hall of Famer. Also, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club boasts of having two eighteen-hole premier championship golf courses.  You will also get private and public golf courses for beginners to the sport.

free quote-9-Wellington’s Best Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

What is 15+11?


Wellington also has a thriving and world-famous equestrian community. The region is re-known for this feature. Animal lovers and equestrians enjoy the annual winter festival of the town “Equestrian Festival.” It is characterized by the longest and largest horse shows globally.  

It is a twelve-week contest that hosts six participants and horses from over 42 countries. Both guest and residents can attend competitions and events from January to April.

The other attractive feature of Loxahatchee is its relative proximity to beaches. The feature continues to attract residential population to the region.

As we mentioned earlier, trees increase the quality of life in Loxahatchee. Wellington’s Best Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services offers the best solutions in the industry.

Some of our services you can get in Loxahatchee:

1) Tree Removal

2) Tree Stump Removal

3) Tree Trimming

4) Tree Pruning

5) Tree Planting

6) Tree Bracing & Cabling

7) Deep Root Injection

8) Residential Tree Services

9) Commercial Tree Services

10) Stump Grinding

11) Storm Damage

12) Tree Doctor

13) 24/7 Tree Removal

14) Tree Healthcare

15) Emergency Tree Removal

16) Land Clearing

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We also service all cities throughout Palm Beach County! Below are a list of cities where we offer our tree trimming and tree removal services:

  1. Royal Palm Beach
  2. Loxahatchee
  3. Wellington
  4. Greenacres
  5. West Palm Beach
  6. All cities in the Palm Beach County area. Just call and ask!

free quote-9-Wellington’s Best Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

What is 15+11?